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1000’s of students search everyday for Navient Login because they are the best loan servicer around the world and the most secure one as well. Navient has been a part of Sallie Mae which is again most searched as Sallie Mae login for accessing their online system.

Before you get started to Login Navient portal/ Sallie mae you need to have a registered account with them. If you already have an account with them then you can ignore the below steps and read further. Sallie Mae’s procedure is same as Navient so follow the procedure to access any of them.

Navient Login : Step 1 – Register an account

Registering an account is simple and straight forward, you just need to follow the instruction that I’m specifying below.

  1. Go to Navient Register Link. / Sallie Mae’s Link
  2. Read their terms and click on the Next button.
  3. Now you need to enter the following details such as your Social security number (or) Your account number, DOB, Email-ID, Phone, Zip code.
    (You can get the Navient account number from your previous statements)
  4. Specify a new username and password in the next step.
  5. Next, Select the email permission you would like to give them.
  6. Accept their terms and conditions in this step.
  7. Finally confirm your email and you will be taken to Navient Login page screen.

In-case if you are seeing an error stating that your social security number is not working, then it is not yet linked up with the Navient website and it will be under process.

Steps for Navient Sign in and Sallie Mae:

Note : Before trying to Sign in Navient  you must have an account registered already to proceed further.

Navient is very safe and secure with your login credentials and they are encrypted with SSL certificate, so the secured navient Sign in steps are as follows :

There are options in the screen to change your user-ID and password in-case you have forgotten the password.

Once you are logged-in to Navient then you can access information such as Tracking your loan, Repayment dates and schedules, Credit reports and other management options for your account online.

There might be few other Issues related to logging to Navient, they are given below.

Note : If you are trying for Navient School login portals then kindly head on to the last topic in this article.

If in-case you aren’t approved for a loan then keep your social profile clean and fresh with proper content, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, helps you discover new loan sponsors.

Create a website, blog and keep them updated as it shows your social presence, as an added advantage you can create your own workspace email account.

Navient is confronting legitimate strikes from shareholders who guarantee the organization withheld data from financial specialists amid the previous year about its subprime student loans.

Difficulty Logging in Navient Students Loan Provider Website

Accessing Navient portal might be difficult sometimes because of the following issues and you can solve them

  1. Apple browser denied saving cookies from that site?
    Set your cookie settings to “Allow always“.
  2. Old cache has not been cleared from public computers?
    Clear the cache and restart the browser.
  3. The website is down sometimes?
    Yes, Refresh after a minute.
  4. Browser is old and not updated?
    Update it to the latest version.

Navient School, Lender and Guarantor Login

Other than students loan navient offers variety of services such as providing Financial literacy, Reducing the loan delinquency and much more.

You can find School Login portals here : Navient School, Lender, Guarantor Login

FAQ’s Most Asked Login Questions :

If you have any doubts regarding Login, you can comment here and we will let you know immediately.